Quality education in Masaya


Students from the National Institute of Technology Commander Camilo Ortega in the city of Masaya, are grateful for the new facilities of this center where everyday technology education is of a higher quality.

“the boys and girls are more eager to come to class now that we have new facilities. It’s worth it, despite the distance we have to travel. I remember when it used to rained, the old INATEC flooded, but now here at this facility everything is different, we have new technology, and teachers are excellent. ” said Darwin Diaz – INATEC student.

Also in these new facilities, low-income students can be eligible for scholarships that are granted from the government of national unity and reconciliation.

“I am very grateful because I am a young scholar, I have not paid a single Cordoba to come to school and get my English course, also I do not envy any university, because these facilities are the best there is in Masaya.”  Said Karla Navarro , Scholarship student.

The direction of INATEC, reported that “In coordination with the Sandinista youth we´ll be doing different sports, cultural activities, etc. Primarily as a commitment we have with young people, to have a healthy recreation.” Said Ali Narvaez, INATEC- Director in Masaya.

Students are committed to take care of these facilities, that way everybody will feel comfortable studying in this center.




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